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Welcome To Let’s Talk Managing Stress

This is a place where you can learn and educate yourself about
the various types of managing stress solutions that are available
on the market today.

Managing Stress Options

Different Types of Managing Stress Options

Conscious Stress Management

the conscious stress management course

One of the problems with stress is that it “sneaks up” on you when you are not really expecting it, or at least, that is the story with me. I find that I aware of the additional pressures and think “it is only whatever” and of course I think I can deal with it. The problem I forget to remember is that it is something else on top of the other pressures of life.

This online course teaches a number of different approaches and includes sections on breathing properly and slowly, on meditation, on some relaxation techniques along with other approaches that add up to a number of different approaches.

These are covered in this course in suggested “daily sessions” which are reasonally short and straight to the point.

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Master Your Mind Beginner

the master your mind beginner course

Meditation is such a great stress management technique that they should in my opinion teach children meditation in school in the early years so that these kids know how to apply meditation to their daily lives.

Anyway I came across this online course that gets you meditating in a relatively short period of time and includes valuable information on how to include meditation in your daily life. Before I did this meditation course, I knew nothing about meditation and it for sure was not a daily habit.

At the time of writing this, I have now done meditation daily every single day for over 825 days in a row, yes for over 825 consecitive days in a row with no let up. I put that down to what I learned in this course along with my determination. I also learned and practiced at least five different meditation techniques during this course.

The course itself is divided up into suggested “daily sessions” which are reasonally short and straight to the point.

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Do You Need An EKG Right Now?

Kardia Mobile Review: My Experience In 2016, 2017, 2018 And 2019#10;
Kardia Mobile In Use

These days stress is such a health problem that sometimes when people notice a potential problem with their heart, it may be more related to emotional stress rather than there being a problem with the heart.

One way to find out more is to capture an EKG at the time of the incident. This is one potential use of Kardia Mobile. This is a small device which works in conjunction with your compatible smartphone which is running an App.

Using Kardia Mobile, you can take an EKG and know almost instantly if the heart rhythm is normal or if atrial fibrillation is detected. If the result is normal, this gives you peace of mind. If the result is otherwise, you have hard evidence to show to your professional medical team (your physician, your doctor, your cardiologist and other health professionals) for their advice.

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