About David and LetsTalkManagingStress

David and LetsTalkManagingStress

This site is about helping people who want to manage stress in their lives.

Hi, my name is David and I am someone who wants to help you to manage stress in your life. This site includes various topics about managing stress and managing the cousins of stress eg anxiety.

I am someone who has stress in my life. I also have anxiety, a heart condition, panic attacks and migraine headaches in my life. These in my case are all closely related. Compared to a while back I am much improved as a result of what I have learned over the last while and as a result of my revised daily activities.

A lot of people worldwide also experience similar situations and you may be one of them or know someone who is. If so, I want to help with information that I found out to help me with those situations. My hope is that because this information helped me, it may also help you or someone you know.

I therefore cover topics like stress management, panic attacks, anxiety, and migraines. This is because these topics affected me. Some of these topics still affect me to this day although not as much as they used me. Touch wood and all that. 🙂 🙂

I found out about various ways to manage these situations which I then apply on a regular basis to my life. In that process, this is helping me to manage my stress better.

I also include topics like:

  • WordPress: A popular content management system used by websites worldwide. This website uses WordPress.
  • Blogging: The process of writing articles on a website. This website has posts written by me. I blogged those articles.
  • Affiliate Marketing: A way for people to earn online. This website has affiliate links to third parties eg Amazon where I may earn monies on qualifying purchases made by you. This helps to support this website.
  • Technology: Useful advances making life better in some way. For example, the very useful Kardia Mobile Device.
  • Reviews: These are mainly product reviews which can help you with your research and purchasing decisions. For example, my very detailed product review of the Kardia Mobile Device.

The above mentioned topics are subjects that are helping me to manage stress and anxiety.

Why LetsTalkManagingStress?

letstalkmanagingstress logo

LetsTalkManagingStress focuses on information that helped me to some degree to manage my stress. Different people at different stages in their lives may experience stress in different ways. There is not as far as I know, a one size fits all Stress Management Technique that will work for everyone all of the time.

My understanding is that different people use a number of different Stress Management Techniques over time to help them manage their stress. Some of the Stress Management Techniques that people learn they pick up from other people in a very informal way or they no longer perform these Stress Management Techniques due to the demands that life places upon them.

The logo for LetsTalkManagingStress is a simple one, it is a cartoon image of two people talking followed by the text “Let’s Talk Managing Stress”. The idea is to convey that communicating different stress management approaches will surely help. For instance if you read my manage stress article you will surely learn about a few different stress management techniques that you are not currently doing which may help you to manage stress. Some you may not resonate with and others you may resonate with. 🙂

Why This Site Exists

I have created this website to help others who may experience these same topics in their lives or are interested in these topics; either directly or through family members and to offer potential solutions that are out there on the internet. In my experience some are good and others are not.

It is important to research what is out there and that is the sole intention of this website – to be the one stop solution for your research and purchasing decisions.