Get The NoPhone

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I discussed the NoPhone in an article on my website. You can read this here if you like.

Why you should get a NoPhone

If you want to unplug yourself from your phone and disconnect from the online world, the NoPhone is great. It has no camera, no music, no screen and no phone. It helps you connect with offline stuff.

I really loved the following comment by a customer who brought it on Amazon when he said “This is the best product I have ever bought! The look on people’s faces when I yell “Son of a bitch!” and hurl it at the wall or the floor is worth every penny paid for it.”

The NoPhone is about the importance of disconnecting yourself from the online world so that you can find yourself.

The NoPhone is for anyone who is always connected to the online world using their smartphone. It is a great way to help you overcome smartphone addiction.

The NoPhone is a great way to unplug yourself from the online world.

Pros of the NoPhone

  • It is really durable.
  • It passes drop tests very well.
  • It has a neat look.
  • It has a slim look.
  • Its battery life is infinite.
  • It is light.

Cons of the NoPhone

  • It has no camera.
  • It has no speaker.
  • It has no facility to view videos using it.
  • It can not connect to other devices using Bluetooth.
  • It can not connect using WiFi.

Learn more about the NoPhone at the Amazon website here.
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