High School Students, Stress and A Descriptive Study

results of research papersThese days it is no surprise that High School Students experience stress. A descriptive study was published in 2018 that showed the results of 335 High School students in relation to their stressors and their responses to these stressors.

Stress in High School Students: A Descriptive Study

… The main sources of stress were examinations, choosing a career path, and family troubles. The students’ main responses to stress were listening to music, talking with someone about the problem, and exercise.
… One of these criteria focuses on the causes of stress, and it generates such terms as marital stress, familial stress, work-related stress and academic stress.
In this article, we focus on academic stress …
… Researchers have found that the main sources of stress in the academic environment are exams, homework and work outside of school, giving presentations, competition with classmates, and academic overload and animal models. However, not all sources of stress are academic, as family problems, anxiety about upcoming school terms, and difficulty adapting to change and body image perception have also been identified as important stressors.
… The main responses to stress were: 1) listening to music, 2) talking about the problem with a friend, 3) physical exercise, 4) going out with friends, 5) talking to a relative, 6) sleeping more than usual, 7) watching TV, 8) eating more than usual, 9) smoking, and 10) drinking some alcohol. The first three responses were the same for men and women, listening to music, talking about the problem with a friend, and exercising.

Stress in High School Students: A Descriptive Study by Journal of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy found at https://openaccesspub.org/jcbt/article/706

Please note that the above study refers to 335 High School Students aged 15 to 19 years old. Results from other studies for other student groups may be different.

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