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Learn how to manage stress

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Learning how to manage stress is a lifetime skill that is pretty important to acquire in today’s modern world. Over time, you may have acquired stress management skills without even realising that they could be used as stress management techniques.

Learn How To Manage Stress: One Great Helpful Technique?

This talks about one particular concept that I personally find useful. This was something I was aware off, however was not aware that it could be used as a stress management technique. Once I became aware that it could be used as a stress management technique, I have used it on a number of occasions and find that it is effective. Hopefully you will too.

A quote from Catherine Pulsifer

“When you find yourself stressed, ask yourself one question: Will this matter in 5 years from now? If yes, then do something about the situation. If no, then let it go.” by Catherine Pulsifer

I find that the concept behind this quote is mind-blowing. If something or someone is annoying you in such a way that you are becoming stressed, than just simply say to yourself something like the above question, for example “Is this really important, 5 years from you?” Quite often, if not always, you will find that the answer is “No”. When you do, see what happens to your stress levels. I find that they drop down a lot. Hopefully you will too.

Of course, if the answer is “Yes”, then like Catherine Pulsifer suggests, “then do something about the situation.”

This is a very simple and effective technique to manage your stress levels. Realising that this great helpful technique can be used as a method to manage stress and reduce stress is very useful on a practical level.

You might like me, have been aware of this concept however just didn’t put it into use. Once you are aware of it very deliberately and very intentionally, you may find that you start to use this concept very much on purpose, and in the process, it may also help your stress levels go down.

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Conscious Stress Management Course

This excellent online Conscious Stress Management Course is split up into 28 daily lessons, so that you do some of the course on a regular basis, ideally for 28 consecutive days, however you do each daily lesson on your schedule. This online course covers a number of different techniques, tools and mind-sets, which are designed to help you to learn how to manage stress. If you only apply one or two of these, your “investment” in the course would have been well worth it. 🙂

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Let me know if you have any applicable thoughts on this great subject by leaving your applicable thoughts below. Many thanks. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Learn how to manage stress”

  1. I found that quote very helpful and insightful. I am not a stressful person and am very easy going, simply taking what comes at me and going with it. However, there are times when stress does get the best of me, and I have never thought about it in the sense of future outlook. The times I get stressed the most is being late to an event or appointment. I hate it and it kills me. However, asking that question will help me not worry in the moment. Thanks

    • Hi Kyle,

      I am glad that you liked the quote. I try to write content that can be used straight away and that is not too difficult to actually do. I heard similar things to that quote when I was younger, however, never actually thought that it is a “stress management tool” until someone suggested it to me. Once they did, the dots were connected.

      Be sure to read more of my articles here to learn other ways to manage stress. I learned a number of stress management techniques in the Conscious Stress Management course. Click here to read my review of the Conscious Stress Management course. I find that knowing more stress management techniques helps me to manage my stress.


  2. I love how you used this quote to define such a great way of managing stress. I found that this is something i have done in the past without realizing I could use it in nearly every stressful moment. Thank you for such a well thought out article! I enjoyed it!

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