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Managing Stress – Count to 10

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Counting One, Two, Three

Something to be aware of, if you want to manage stress, and this is a very simple idea which may not be so easy to do when actually stressed. This is the idea of counting silently to yourself very slowly and very much on purpose from 1 to 10, and to continue to 100 if you are still emotionally charged. 🙂

In the human body, when you are emotionally charged, your body may do the “fight or run” thing and this process increases adrenaline flow so that the body is ready to do the “fight or run” thing.

Discover A Simple Tip On How To Reduce Stress Naturally

This is a fairly simple tip on how to reduce stress naturally. It may not work all of the time, however it can work some of the time, and therefore it is mentioned here. Using this tip allows you to get some time, so that you do not react emotionally to something and to allow you to respond in a well considered calm way, which is better for you and may also be better for the other people involved.

The idea of counting to 10 is something that has been around a while. Something happens, and people react straight away without thinking. If something happens, and you then count to 10, you may be in a better place mentally to respond to the situation, rather than reacting.

The primary idea is to get some control back, stop for a few seconds (assuming it is safe to do so), take a few deep breaths and then count silently to yourself, very slowly and very much on purpose from 1 to 10, and if necessary to keep counting if you still feel the need to until you get to 100. The idea is to use this time to bring your emotional feelings down a few notches. Internally there is an adrenaline rush going on, counting gives you some time so counteract the adrenaline, hopefully giving you the time and space so that you can response is a considered one rather than a reaction.

A quote from Thomas Jefferson

“When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred.” by Thomas Jefferson

As Thomas Jefferson said the above, I think that this is a simple tip on how to reduce stress in a natural manner. I am a firm believer that where possible and where it is effective, to use natural solutions, that way there is no need to be concerned about possible side effects and the like. And in this case, this solution does not actually cost you anything.

The above stress management technique is fairly simple, however it may be difficult to use in the heat of the moment. If you can just remind yourself that this technique is there in the heat of the moment and actually use it, it may help you reduce stress. However it you need to learn a number of different stress management techniques in ‘little daily chunks’ for 28 days (or more because the course is self paced), I recommend the online Conscious Stress Management Course.

Learn how to manage your stress deliberately. Do the Conscious Stress Management course. I purchased this course myself and did the course. I can recommend it from personal experience as the course is full of ideas and suggestions on how to manage stress, some of which I find useful in reducing stress. Click here to read my review.

Let me know if you have any applicable thoughts on this great subject by leaving your applicable thoughts below. Many thanks. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Managing Stress – Count to 10”

  1. Hey David:

    Thanks for the reminder: Since my own tendencies are to go into Warrior Mode whenever I get stressed (with often not-so-good results that tend to compound a problem), this one’s become my default setting whenever things start getting tense.

    Retreating and finding a space to just let everything settle down so you can see the shape of what is in front of you is always a good idea….except, of course, if there’s a 16-wheeler coming down the road right at you.

    Then it’s a good idea to move on out of the way! Hee!

    • Hi Netta,

      Having a sense of humour, like you have, is also a good tactic to manage stress. 🙂


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