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Stress Associations

Sometimes a short online video overview of what stress is, that presents the information in such a way that is both entertaining and educational is a great benefit. In this short video of 11 minutes by Dr Mike you will be both entertained and educated, I kid you not. 🙂

Stressed? View A Managing Stress Video To Learn More

This excellent short online managing stress video by Dr Mike provides a very quick overview of different viewpoints of what emotional stress is, and how it may be managed. You know the saying that a picture says a thousand words, well in this case, a video communicates a lot of valuable information that is sure to help you in managing your stress. Sometimes a video provides a lot of information which is easier to take in, than a long written article, this is one of those cases. 🙂

In the following short video you will discover the 90:10 rule that may help you reduce stress along with a quick overview of what emotional stress is and how you may reduce your stress levels.

90:10 The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress

This is one of the stress management tools that Dr Mike mentions in this great 11 minute video. I hope that you find the video both entertaining and educational. And that you have a few additional stress management tools in your stress management toolbox after watching it. 🙂

If you do not, I would suggest that you watch the video again, and take notes. 🙂

Here’s a short video by Dr Mike, where he talks about stress from different angles.

Techniques mentioned in the video to reduce stress are great, however it you need to learn a number of different stress management techniques in ‘little daily chunks’ for 28 days (or more because the course is self paced), I recommend the online Conscious Stress Management Course.

I did the online Conscious Stress Management course myself and can recommend if from personal experience. It outlined a few stress management techniques that I was not aware off and which I now find useful. And which no doubt helped me to reduce my stress levels. Click here to read my review of this great course.

Let me know if you have any applicable thoughts on this great subject by leaving your applicable thoughts below. Many thanks. 🙂

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My name is David and in common with a lot of people I suffer from stress. In my experience of managing my stress I have learned different ways of managing stress. I suffer less than I used to because I have learned how to manage this way better and proactively do so regularly. This is working for me. I hope my stress management blog helps you. Continue Reading

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2 Comments on “Dr Mike’s Entertaining Video About Stress”

  1. jeffrey16201 says:

    Very interesting and information article video on stress, I learned after struggling for many years with stress the best strategy is as you say change your thinking.

    Most of us who feel stressed out much of the time are negative thinkers, so when I changed my negative thinking to positive thinking I became less stressed and I even am off all my anxiety medications.

    1. David says:

      Hi Jeffrey,

      The best strategy today is the change your thinking route. I would not necessary say that most stressed people are negative thinkers, I would say that their thinking style needs to be looked at and possibly changed. Instead of thinking something like “why is it always this crap?”, change the thinking to something like “how can I make it better?” and in this simple example, you see that your mind serves you better with the second question.

      I am thrilled and delighted that you are off all of your anxiety medications. Well done. 🙂 


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