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Headspace Pack on Stress

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The Headspace pack on Stress is a 30 day pack focussing on Stress. In this pack, like other packs at Headspace, Headspace provide guided meditation sessions online and they gradually introduce different ideas and techniques, which in this case, are designed for managing stress. So of you are suffering from stress, using Headspace to learn how to do meditation and to practice meditation on a regular basis is a great idea. If you can follow a video and follow instructions you can use Headspace.

Reducing Stress With Headspace

One great way in managing stress is to use the Headspace Pack on Stress. Headspace is more of a “learning and practical thing” which means that if you log into your Headspace account and do it for a few days, you will see for yourself if it is for you. Initially when you are starting off with Headspace, you do some starter packs in order to become familiar with how Headspace works. And during this process you will be practically learning, doing and meditating at the same time.

Doing meditation with Headspace can help you in reducing stress. The Headspace Pack on Stress is a 30 day pack. Usually a Headspace 30 day pack consists of learning, doing and meditating a particular technique for 10 days, then another particular technique for the next 10 days and then another particular technique for the final 10 days of the course. The main idea is to work with in this case, stress for a period of time to help you manage stress better.

Headspace sessions are guided meditation sessions, with various lengths of time. You select the length of the time, examples for the pack on stress include 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 20 minutes before you do the session. This is great. You could be doing say the pack on Stress. On day 1 – you are at home and it is a non work day, you decide to do 20 minutes. On day 2 – you are at home after a work day, you decide to do 10 minutes. You used to be tied in to the same length every day and you decided that length on the first day of starting that pack. This is no longer the case, you specify the length of time each day, it defaults usually to the length that you used previously. I think it is great that this flexibly is built into Headspace.

Headspace Singles To Manage Stress

Headspace also have what they call singles. These are also each designed to help with specific feelings. These singles consist usually of one session going through that feeling. And of course stress is included in this list. Examples include stressed, burned out, feeling overwhelmed, flustered along with more, and so on. As you can see, some of these are particular cases that may be associated with stress.

Headspace Everyday To Manage Stress

Headspace also have what they call everyday sessions. This is a session focussing on something different everyday. These change daily and you can only access today’s session today. You can decide ‘on the spot’ if you are going to do today’s one today. No worries if you do or if you do not.

Headspace Sessions Are Quite Flexible

You also can do a number of different Headspace meditations every day. So you might do day 4 of the pack on stress for 20 minutes, then do the Headspace Everyday Pack session for today for 15 minutes, then do the Headspace singles session on being flustered. You decide which Headspace sessions that you want to do. If you are at home on a non work day, you might do a few for a few days running. Then you are back at work, and due to time constraints, after all we are in the real world, you do the Headspace Everyday session for 3 minutes daily for a few days running.

My History with Headspace

I first started meditation using Headspace on October 17, 2017. I did Headspace every day for about 5 months, then did not do it for about 5 months, and did it again every day for about 5 months. They keep making improvements to their offering, however I have some concerns:
a) It is completely subscription based. After the first 10 days are over, they expect you to keep your subscription active by making regular payments. Yes, each day of a pack is different, however the differences are not great, and so I think that a much smaller number of guided meditation sessions could be done with a lot of the information from different days compacted into a much smaller number of guided meditation sessions.
b) The audio recordings are not available for download to your computer so you can not listen to them later. You have to be online and have an active subscription in order to listen to the audio recordings.
c) They do not have an affiliate program. They expect other businesses to route traffic to them without payment which is not fair. Numerous people at this stage including me, have routed ‘paying customers’ to them without receiving any payment in return.
d) They send out “in partnership with” emails to their email list. One I received recently was for vitamins, which to my mind, has nothing whatsoever to do with meditation. They then hope to sell you vitamins every month for the rest of your life, whereas eating good quality wholesome foods would be better in my opinion.

You can learn more about Headspace here, however, the Master Your Mind Beginner Course is a better alternative.

My History With An Alternative

The following Master Your Mind Beginner online meditation course is a great alternative to Headspace. This course includes some information on meditation so that you can start or continue to use meditation as a tool in your life.
The Master Your Mind Beginner Course here is a 5 week course, where some different meditation types are outlined and you are given guidance on these different meditation types. I personally did this Master Your Mind Beginner Course in late 2016 and thanks to it, and my will-power and determination, I have been practicing meditation for over a year now. I personally rate this course as 4.5 stars out of 5.

For me, during my stress management journey and my meditation journey, I used this course as it has some great relevant content and provided great practical information I was able to apply into my life straight away. As part of the course content, there is a number of guided meditation sessions provided on audio. These audio files can be downloaded to your computer or laptop or ipad or smartphone, so that you can listen to them whenever you like, without paying a continuous recurring subscription fee like Headspace.

Read my review of the Master Your Mind Beginner course. I did this course myself and can recommend it. The Course covers learning how to meditate on a daily basis and 5 different meditation techniques. Click here to read my review.

Did I Miss Anything?

Now I would like to hear from you:

Are you going to use Headspace?

Which of the Headspace Packs are you going to listen to?

Which of the Headspace Singles are you going to listen to?

Are you going to listen to the Headspace Everyday tracks?

Or maybe you are already using Headspace and I did not mention the way you use Headspace yourself?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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2 thoughts on “Headspace Pack on Stress”

  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful information.

    I have been suffering from stress for many years and it was strongly suggested to me in the last couple of months that I try meditation after a few health issues.

    I decided to do my own self help training and have found it hard to find the right technique for me. Hence I’m really looking forward to see if Headspace is suitable to me.

    Thank you so much for the information


    • Hi Gina,

      You are welcome. I hope that you find Headspace useful. There is a link in that article where you can learn more about Headspace.

      As you have been suffering from stress for a long time, I would recommend that you look at other posts on this website where I explain various techniques. These are usually ideas and techniques that you can add to your stress management toolbox. Stress affects a lot of people in different ways and if you have a number of Stress Management Tools in your Stress Management Toolkit, this is sure to help you in managing your stress. If an idea or a technique does not work for you, look at other articles in this website.


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