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Different Ways of Managing Stress

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Countryside to manage stressThese days, stress can be an unwanted aspect of our lives. We live in a fast moving world that is changing all the time. This has good aspects and bad aspects. As human beings, we like to have a fairly routine way of doing things, or at least that is my experience.

Stress affects us all in so many different ways. Here, I am discussing stress from the “bad for you” angle. There is of course, “good” stress which gives you the “nudge” to do something that you kind of do not really want to do, however is potentially good for you. An example of “good” stress is the feeling experienced before and during an actual job interview. This “good” stress keeps you alert and sharp and therefore helps you with the actual job interview.

Stress is supposed to appear, help you do something and then disappear. In this sense, it is a useful tool to help you. However, one problem is that stress “hangs” around and so you are “on full alert” for a lot of your time. If this happens, it can affect different areas of your life in different negative ways.

There are loads of different ways to help manage stress. Some work great, some work a bit and some do not always work. A percentage of these different ways are not always obvious as potential stress management techniques. Once you are aware of their use as a potential stress management technique, then you can use it in this role and see if it works for you.

I want to talk about effective ways to manage stress. Personally I do not like a lot of theory and little or no practical stuff. I much prefer to learn about a technique quickly and put that technique into use straight away to see if it helps. Some ideas like meditation require a regular time commitment and it may take some time to see the benefits of that. There are a number of different meditation techniques. I have learned about and practiced a few of them, some I like and some I do not like as much and some I find quite hard to do. Over time, I will be talking about different meditation techniques as meditation is a very useful way to manage stress.

Sandy beach with blue sea and mountains in the backgroundSome techniques will naturally fall by the wayside and others will be kept. Some techniques require a regular time element and it is not always possible to spend as much time on those techniques due to other life commitments.

For instance, meditation is a great effective way to manage stress. There are many different meditation techniques out there, and you could spend anywhere from 3 minutes daily doing meditation to hours daily. Building a 3 minute daily meditation practice is way more achievable than a meditation daily practice of hours. However doing it every day for a short period is more effective than doing longer periods most days or so the meditation people tell us.

Ways in Managing Stress

  • Slowing Down – Do not be rushing all the time
  • Keeping Calm – Techniques to help you in the heat of things
  • Positive Mind-Set/Changing Your Mind/Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – Reframing situations so that you reduce stress
  • Taking It Easy – So that you are ready for the more serious stuff
  • Unplugging – Removing yourself so that you are not available online 24/7
  • Enjoying Life/Having Fun – Enjoying fun activities is a great way to reduce stress for sure
  • Breathing/Sleeping – Letting out a loud sigh when breathing out signals to your body to relax and getting the correct amounts of high quality sleep is a major preventive activity
  • Relaxing – Practicing relaxation techniques is another great way to manage stress
  • Outside Activities – Going for a decent walk on a regular basis in a natural safe and secure environment
  • Meditation – Building a meditation practice has many long term benefits including stress relief

Most, if not all of the above ways are outlined in more detail elsewhere in this website, along with other ways not mentioned above.

Stress Management Strategies: Ways to Unwind (Video)

Here’s a brilliant short video outlining a number of great stress management strategies. These are great ways to unwind, for sure. Enjoy. 🙂

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